EMR Billing & Credentialing Consultants

If you or your staff have been recently diagnosed with Post Traumatic EMR-Conversion Disorder (PTED), then just take in a nice deep breath because you’ve finally found someone that can help!

What is PTED?

PTED is another word for pain and suffering that comes from making a conversion from one system to another system (okay, you got us….we just made that acronym up).  We understand not everyone wants or needs a full service billing company, yet still want someone to call when things don’t go right and frustrations are running high.  You may feel stuck between your EMR vendor and the insurance company and have claims piling up in the A/R bucket.  The payer says the claim is coming in wrong and the vendor says they are sending it correct…what do you do?

We encounter many, many different scenarios where a change to a computer system or a major change of a computer system at a payer wreaks havoc on your cash flow.  We have the unfair advantage of being software developers, expert medical billers, and seasoned credentialing specialists so we can get in and find the root cause.  In many cases, these are not simple problems to solve and involve several different moving parts with regards to credentialing setup at the payer, practice management/EMR vendor configuration setup and billing staff training.

Because we develop our own software, we have a pretty unique insight into the billing process and can “speak the language” to the vendor.  We can dive down into the actual HIPAA transactions and see exactly what is being sent to the payer so we can quickly put an end to the finger pointing game.

How much does it cost?

We bill on a straight hourly basis for consulting work of $150/hr with an initial retainer of 4 hours.  You can also purchase bulk consulting hours at a reduced rate; 20 hours @ $120/hr or 40 hours @ $100/hr.

We are confident we can help. Contact us to learn more.