No Claim Left Behind

Medical Business Associates believes that there should be NO CLAIM LEFT BEHIND.  Our unique mix of technology and business processes ensures we quickly and accurately follow and track each and every claim through conclusion.  How? Well, that’s proprietary as part of our integrated, custom software but the results? Stellar!

One of our competitors’ toughest obstacles is the lack of follow-up on unpaid claims.  With vendor software that is little more than electronic versions of paper claims and the near impossible task of pulling the appropriate information out of their systems without ‘information overload’, it is no surprise that our competitors either  delegate this time consuming task to the newest, coincidentally  least experienced , employee or simply do not follow-up unpaid claims at all.

MBA disagrees.  We are committed to receiving a response for every claim from every payer involved in the payment process.  No Claim Left Behind ensures every claim will be paid, in a timely manner, or someone from our office will find out why!

MBA knows every payer’s payment schedule.  We know some pay very quickly while others are known to take a bit longer.  Our proprietary system knows just how long to wait with each individual payer before beginning the follow-up process.  We know when it’s been long enough but don’t wait too long for problems to develop.

Our unique process also addresses the common issue of patient insurance changes.  Without your personnel involvement, No Claim Left Behind will scan all claims on file and automatically re-file any affected claim.

MBA also has the unique expertise to efficiently handle Medicare cross-over claims to supplemental policies.   No Claim Left Behind takes a proactive role in verifying the data file from Medicare to the supplemental policies.  Without your personnel’s intervention, our system will detect errors in the Medicare file and automatically correct and file, correctly, to the supplemental policies.

The Bottom Line

Every claim entered in our system will have a response from the insurance company!  It’s just part of our normal, integrated process.