Medical Business Associates

RCM & Billing Services

At Medical Business Associates, we believe you should focus on what you do best: patient care.  It’s what you went to school for…not dealing with the complex insurance world just to get paid for the work you’ve already done.  By outsourcing your medical billing, you’re able to focus on medicine and devote your staff’s time to the care of your patients.

Complete Revenue Cycle Managment/Billing Services

Single physician practice? Large medical facility? Part of a hospital system? We have it covered! We take great pride in custom tailoring our Revenue Cycle Management solutions to ensure your headaches are completely eliminated and your revenues are increased.

The billing industry is always changing and keeping up with these changes is difficult and time consuming to say the least.  You’ll likely get requests to upgrade your computer systems and practice management system on a fairly regular basis.  You’ll also be faced with the responsibility of making sure your data is backed up and secure at all times.  With computers and hard disks, it’s not a question of “if” your system will crash, but “when”.

As more and more patient data becomes electronic, the internet is exploding with hackers gaining access to medical systems every day and exploiting it for profit.  You must be up to speed with all the latest and greatest security software and encryption or you’ll face serious federal fines if you become the victim.

Being an MBA customer means you get:

  • Free practice management software that is constantly upgraded and always runs from our secure servers.  No need to ever worry about a server crashing and taking your valuable data with it!  We call it eAccess.
  • Significant reduction in staffing requirements.  No longer do you need to worry about hiring competent billing staff and entrust your cash flow to the unknown!  With over 28 years in the business, you can rest assured we have rock solid billing processes with the software and staff to get the job done right.
  • Dedicated team of experts ready to help you at any time…100% US based!!
  • Complete and comprehensive billing process using the latest technology
    • Incoming data is screened, checked and double checked using proprietary software with over 1.7 million edits…no human intervention required!  Every claim, every time, which means claims pay the first time!  We call it Precision Claim Technology.
    • All claims filed securely and electronically
    • Any claim the insurance doesn’t respond to gets worked immediately – we call it “No Claim Left Behind
    • All inappropriate denials from insurance are worked by a senior staff member
    • Patients billed only after all insurance processes are completed
    • All patient questions are directed to our staff, reducing your staff’s time spent on the phone
  • Monthly Financial Reports Delivered to you via e:Mail

The eAccess System

MBA’s eAccess system is our propriety software only available to our customers.   It provides you with a complete front office solution enabling you to streamline front-office processes and eliminate time consuming tasks like calling to remind patients of their appointment and checking their insurance eligibility via phone calls or manually logging into insurance websites.

To reach the full potential of your practice, we think your staff needs to be working from the same data we work from, so everyone is on the same page and looking at the same thing, i.e. we think of it as a team effort.  When all the team members are working towards a common goal, you ultimately benefit from this in the form of faster payments and significant reduction in errors.

For more detailed information on eAccess and how it streamlines the entire billing process, click here or download the Brochure.