At Medical Business Associates, we believe you should focus on what you do best: patient care.  It’s what you went to school for…not dealing with the complex insurance world just to get paid for the work you’ve already done.  By reducing time spent on medical billing, credentialing and daily operations, your practice will increase its profitability and its patient satisfaction while preserving quality and efficiency.

Complete Billing Services

Single physician practice? Large medical facility? Part of a hospital system?  Start-up?  Existing Practice? We have it covered! We take great pride in custom tailoring our Revenue Cycle Management solutions to ensure your headaches are completely eliminated and your revenues are increased.

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EMR Billing, RCM and Credentialing Consulting

Many practices have recently converted to a new EMR vendor and find themselves a bit lost as they watch their revenues decline while A/R continues to climb.  Everyone you call points the finger at someone else leaving you stuck in the middle…frustrated!  Relax, we can help!

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Credentialing Services

Getting a new medical practice up and running quickly and efficiently is tough. The experts at MBA can help! Medical practices are the core of our business, and we know the trials and tribulations improperly handled credentialing will create.

Don’t start off on the wrong foot…contact us today to find out how to setup your practice right!

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