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Medical Business Associates announces new scheduler product for providers

Peter R. Meyer, President of Medical Business Associates, a North Carolina Billing Services provider, has introduced a new scheduler product now available through their system. The Patient Scheduling product is designed to give users an easy management tool to process appointments regardless of the number of locations or resources that need scheduling.

The Scheduler product is an Internet-based application so there is no software to install. It is tightly integrated with patient billing and demographic information. There are no limits on future appointment date ranges, number of physical locations or the number of resources at each location. The system allows you to schedule a patient for multiple appointments for various activities (i.e. lab work, follow up, etc.), view multiple months ahead and customize the calendar to set your working days, hours and appointment slot times.

“This is a very robust application for our clients,” said Meyer. “It is easy to use, enhances efficiencies and ties in with our billing process. It brings state-of-the-art technology into the practice and improves the overall patient experience. Clients utilizing our scheduler have already seen dramatic increases in their revenue.”

Other capabilities with the Scheduler include instantly viewing patient account information, balances due, printing customized encounter forms and global fee period notifications. Requirements to access the application are a high-speed Internet connection and a live training session over the Internet on your PC.

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