Testimonials of Medical Business Associates


About Medical Business AssociatesMedical Business Associates began in 1986 by renting a small portion of a 3,000 sq. ft. building in Etowah, NC.  Etowah is a small town located in the mountains of Western North Carolina, about 30 minutes southwest of Asheville, NC.  After just a few years, MBA expanded to renting nearly 2/3 of the building.  The ever increasing need for storage of paper and the expansion of the business led us to take over the entire building by 1987 and some nearby warehouse space for the storage of records.

Throughout the 1990’s, MBA continued to grow and by 2003, it became clear that had reached the capacity of our building.  After a two year search, MBA broke ground in 2005 on a new 9,600 sq. ft facility, just 3 miles from the original building.  By October, 2005, the new facility was ready for business.

While there is a growing trend to utilize off-shore labor for customer service as well as operational personnel, MBA believes in American workers and our local economy. Thus, 100% of our labor is done in the United States.  No portion of customer service, back office staff, or data is ever sent off shore.