Management by Medical Business Associates

Business Philosophy

Focus on Relationships

When was the last time you had a conversation with the president of your software provider? Through the personal relationships we believe are necessary to this business, MBA’s goal is not to become the largest medical billing company in the U.S…. just the best. We believe that the combination of advanced technology with a team of dedicated professionals results in happier and more satisfied clients. Since 1986, our company has demonstrated this, even during tough economic times.


Our clients are not just “customers” but important members of our team. Working together with you, MBA will improve your workflow, increase profitability, and remove technological hurdles. We’ll adjust our services to fit your practice, even as it changes. From helping you choose the best EHR system to building a consistent fee schedule and answering your coding questions, we are always available to you and your staff. We are an extension of your office.

Our Staff

Simply put, MBA believes in hiring only the best. But we don’t stop there. It’s no secret that employee turnover is one of the highest costs to a company, which is why MBA believes in making each employee feel appreciated and respected. Over the years, we have built a solid staff capable of handling the wide variety of challenges that come your way. Whether it’s dealing with software integration, credentialing, regulatory requirements or insurance companies, we’re right by your side.


Technology is essential to MBA. All of our billing software is designed and developed in-house, allowing us to customize the software to local state and federal regulations. Developing our own software also gives us the unique capability to integrate with the leading EHR software and provide you with a comprehensive solution, all under one roof.